About Diamond Printing Press

Diamond Printing Press with up to date machinery and equipment in an area of over 1000 square meters, employing 80 skilled and experienced personnel, and relying on software knowledge, including monitoring automation and production line control and online sales system, is active in the field of offset printing. By Focusing on general products, that includes more than 100 varied products and offering them at the lowest price, the best quality and fastest time, this company is ready to offer its services to all advertising and printing service centers.

Advanced machinery, equipped with all facilities and compilation under one integrated complex, software sales of preparation for printing and production process control, online sales system according to the needs of our customers and doing all production process of online order, production process, monitoring and sending request, implementing CRM, accurate knowledge of our target market, variety of products, creativity and innovation in launching functional products, accurate recognition of global and regional market, implementation of print orders in common printing sheets for reducing prices and increasing speed, emphasis on high quality, special attention on our target customers and selecting a particular area of market in printing industry and other factors have been among our turning points that the top managers of this grand complex have always considered in their decision makings and long-term strategies.